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  • A Celebration of God’s Love
    Today is my birthday and I wanted to share with my followers on my beauty within blog my new E-book and new newsletter. It is only for a limited time, today only. For those that are not following me on Daily Inspirations, check me out. Hope you remain safe and hopeful. Trouble doesn’t last always. […]
  • A Spiritual Awakening
    Teresa Allen Till Death Do Us Part Dear Diary, This is a journey of afterlife I wanted to share with the public.  I decided to call it Dear Diary only because these are my own personal journey that I go through on a daily basis of everyday living.  It’s a place where I go […]
  • The Land of Ner
    Teresa Allen The Land of Ner Different land for different tribes, but we all have a land of Ner The Land of Ner was a place of confusion and desolate. It was a place we all have from time to time in our own life. Sometimes it seems as though we are […]