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Today is my birthday and I wanted to share with my followers on my beauty within blog my new E-book and new newsletter. It is only for a limited time, today only. For those that are not following me on Daily Inspirations, check me out. Hope you remain safe and hopeful. Trouble doesn’t last always. […]

A Spiritual Awakening

Teresa Allen tabeautywithin@gmail.com Till Death Do Us Part Dear Diary, This is a journey of afterlife I wanted to share with the public.  I decided to call it Dear Diary only because these are my own personal journey that I go through on a daily basis of everyday living.  It’s a place where I go […]

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Do you want cycles that never ends?
Do you want curve balls that fails you every time?
Do you want a road that take you on so many highways where you find yourself alone and lonely?

Beauty within is all about finding a place of completeness and wholeness in-spite of the outcome that was passed down from generation to generation. Generational curses and generation sickness and diseases can stop when you take the initiative in your own life to become oneness in mind, heart, soul, spirit, and strength. It is done inside out, not outside in. Taking care of your entire being first is the upmost respect, loyalty, dignity, and grace that you not only give to yourself, but you give it to God immediately and as well as helping your children because now you are in a place of peace. Loving yourself first is placing you in front of all disasters and saying not today I passed you over. You can’t touch me today or never and by the way disasters this goes for my children from generation to generation. The Davidic Covenant is still alive today and it will not return void. These stories is some of the worst outcome, but when you believe in someone or something that is greater than what you see in your face of trials and tribulation you place yourself in a higher positive outcome in overcoming that situation. Positivity and staying in a place of peace no matter what the midst is will take you through situations and errors quicker than quicksand if you was in it. Continue to grow within and don’t stop seeking what you sought after of until it shows up into your existence and bless you beyond measure. You shall overcome, the worst is over. Pray steadfast and never allow anyone or anything to take from you that is rightfully yours, your imagination to dream bigger than what you see and what you have. Stay true to your inner being and listen closely because God dwells in each one of us even if it is only a mustard seed of faith. He is there waiting on you to say Father help me, I can’t live in this world without you. See how fast the Holy Ones show up on your doorstep and pull you out of trials and tribulation so fast and you look up and say what just happened. Unconditional love with unfailing love is for us all and never second guest that. Peace is still. Amen