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A Spiritual Awakening

Teresa Allen

Till Death Do Us Part

Dear Diary,

This is a journey of afterlife I wanted to share with the public.  I decided to call it Dear Diary only because these are my own personal journey that I go through on a daily basis of everyday living.  It’s a place where I go and release my life into a flower that blooms on a continuous basis.  It doesn’t die but it exceeds all understanding until it is dignified of closure of all wrong doings in my life.  I am hoping this want be a full blown decade to resolve these issues of heart, but it will be done not only immediately but it will be done quickly and swiftly. Amen.

Dear Diary today is January 8, 2020 wow a new decade has risen above and beyond.  Today Diary I want to write about death, but this is a death that all faces one time or another.  This death is dying to yourself in every area of your life so that you can be with yourself within yourself full of life, full of joy, full of grace, and goodness.  You know Dear Diary I went to a place just the other day and I realized something that wasn’t good for me.  I used this as an example for myself immediately.  I went to the store and I said wow wouldn’t it be nice to find a wealth of information on how to change my dietary more liquidity than with food.  I wanted to not just challenge myself, but I wanted to give my body a rest of food just a little while, so as I thought about it I said I have the best source that is pretty much free, water, but it had to be short lived water that hasn’t been touched too much, so I said God you have to talk to me about this one because the water I drink from is well water although I buy purified water.

God said my dear, its living water I am talking about.  You need living water.  I said God please no more parables, just communicate with me effectively no more going around the world for me to understand what you are saying.  I am standing on solid ground and I am listening to hear, my eyes is no longer blind, it’s open to see, my mouth is closed shut until it is time for me to speak.

So God said yes dear, (By the way I am saying to myself that God is sounding like my other half, my husband, but as a spiritual husband, so I am going to play along with this to see where this goes, yesterday I noticed it as well, but anyway let’s continue) living water is my breath that not only breathe over you but it breathe in and through you so that you can surpass all understanding.  You see dear it’s a place I take all my righteous ones and expand their gifting, their minds, into a place of gratefulness and thankfulness.  He said you see dear you are a go get-er, you love and you love hard, but this time around I am soften you until a sweet mellow that surpasses even your own wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

I am taking you to a place that carries not only a different attitude but a different plan of closure.  This place is a place of forgetfulness, but with no worries and cares of the world.  This way I can give you closure and revisit your finances again.  You are troubled over your living arrangements, now it is time for me to reconcile you to a life that will not only give true forgiveness, but it will save all contingency funds.

Quick question my dear God are you a believer of God or you a believer of your own believing system the world.  So he said my dear I am the beginning and the end.  I said I tell you what I don’t fight against spiritual principalities but I know who does and I know him personally.  Open your eyes up and what do you see.  I tell you the enemy ran so fast and wept along the way.

This time I said righteous brothers and sisters we are keeping the enemy eyes open this time because they all will see us rise and by the way they will take the fall for us all.

We all agreed immediately in our mind, heart, soul, body, spirit, and strength so it was done immediately to correct an error that was mistaken earlier in my life.  That agreement was paid in full.  There were no more gold diggers in my house.

So as the day went on I relaxed I had been working myself to the bones, writing that is, but I thought about what the enemy said about living water.  If I didn’t look like the living water to him while he was blinded than I need to see if there’s something going on because when he smell me I should smell like living water, so I started a new diet, it was clean fresh ingredients of all kind and I said Living God let’s do this, but you will have to provide it and give me new recipes that is fluent in English.  He smiled and smiled and smiled.  He thought he was leaving me at Calvary this time, so I said immediately not this time.  Calvary is dead in my life and I am not speaking in an unknown language today.  So I said you get ready and I looked around and saw a few lower gods around and I washed their faces and mouth with soap and water.  They didn’t know that sulfur was in it and when it touched them they started burning all over.  You know I am only returning a favor that they gave me at creation an allergic reaction to sulfur.  So I just returned it back where it came from.  I didn’t need that pillar of faith and after effect so there wasn’t any revenge, it was only me giving back something that belonged to them.  They cried all the way back to their home of sickness and disease.  This went on for a decade so I just carefully uninvited guess that wasn’t even on my list to begin with.  There was no more borrowing any jars or anything and saving the best for last, nope.

As I went down the list I saw gold mines and I uninvited them.  I seen mistletoe’s, I uninvited, I seen so many things and I uninvited them all including pleasures of heart that wasn’t good for me.  I left with more wealth than I expected.  Once the wedding planner looked at my list and everything that should be done she said the balance is zero.  I said yes dear, I owe you nothing.  This wedding is fully funded.  I don’t need you to go around inviting people to my wedding so I can have more seats filled so you can get rich off of me.  She left crying, I was her way of rising and getting up so that she could shine and I take the back seat.  Hello she brought it on herself, greed.

This is me coming home to my final resting place of peace and harmony.  Some people tried to stay around to manipulate me for their own purpose, their own gain when they saw me again in church of the Most High God they looked and knew I won the prize everlasting life.  They shook their heads and went their way and said among themselves it is finally over.  The connection is no more praise God.  They said that because a piece of their spirit liked what I had and I wouldn’t let go of myself to become one of them, so they fought me spiritually to take what I had, but when I receive good gifts from God, no one could take from me they are mines and no one else, so God fought all of those spiritual battles in my sleep, my dreams and now I can honestly say I am more free than I ever had been in my entire being.

Dear Diary you know what, instead of me changing for life, life changed for me.  You know why I said that?  I said that because my life has turned for the better good and I did nothing to work for it this time.  There was a time I had to do this or do that, but this time my work stood strong and I prevailed over all obstacles and situations.  I was the first one to buy a house legally in my family and here on Earth at the age of 21 and now I am in my 40’s I have purchased in a brand new home free of charge and I was the first to do that.  This home is a spiritual binding home that doesn’t have weapons of any kind there’s no one to ever take, steal, kill, or destroy anything in it or around it.  No one can break in and break a thing.  I am no longer homeless in this world; I have created a new world, a new earth while living in this after life.  It is pretty awesome too.

You know what I recognize today even yesterday I am winning again in life.  I am sprouting, flourishing, and smiling more.  As soon as I got rid of all my debt that was in my name, the last ounce of faith covered me and spoke so clearly to me and said I love you Teresa, I am proud of you in all that you accomplished, you survived not only trials and tribulations, but you made it out without the smell of smoke, without sickness and diseases, without pain and suffering and the thing I have seen the most in you is that you done it by and with grace, mercy, and faith.  I said faith this time sweetie you can go and keep on dreaming I left that world you are talking about.  I am in my new world in my new body, not you or anybody going to take me back to a hole of troubles or circumstances.(reliving the past)

So as I expected Dear Diary, the old faith left in which I didn’t need any more.  I received everything brand new and by the way I didn’t mix the old with the new.

Dear Diary you know there was a late night shaking went down and it didn’t affect me, everybody came out and thought I would be there and when they got there and seen I wasn’t at the gathering any place, they all tried to leave at once.  The guard at the gate said what is the hurry and he didn’t allow one to escape and he cremated them all.  Those were all the ones that wanted to hurt me intentionally so I could flunk out in all of my grades I had to go through spiritual.  These are the minor chords of the orchestra.  They are migrates that came from distant lands to see me fail and falter, but this time they didn’t make it at least in my life.  These are generational curses and plagues that was passed down and I refused to allow it to dictate my now or future.

After it was done the cremation, a period I went through with doubting who was for me or who was against me left empty handed and never came my way again.  These are mighty soldiers still living, but is only shamed because they are big bullies in this earth and soon enough they all fell to the ground and worship the Most High God.

I received an honorary reward today.  It was a reward from the Most High.  It was a gift and a reward of closure that I had needed for quite sometimes because of my attitude didn’t stink the whole process and I stayed positive in the midst.  He said the greatest gift I can give you now is a master with piece and I just looked and marveled and didn’t crack a smile and I kept moving as if I never heard a thing.

The final call lasted a second and all those falling soldiers didn’t have a choice but to leave, not one could stay around me to cause trouble.

So Dear Diary this is what took place this January 8, 2020.  A lot of work was done and I didn’t lift a finger but to write and explore job opportunities.

It’s like I am waiting on a giant deposit into my earthly account from my heavenly account, so I can wash this bread with living water.

I will tell you more about that later Dear Diary, but for now peace is still. Amen.

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