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The Land of Ner

Teresa Allen

The Land of Ner

Different land for different tribes, but we all have a land of Ner

The Land of Ner was a place of confusion and desolate. It was a place we all have from time to time in our own life. Sometimes it seems as though we are in a place of a never ending cycle and every time it comes to a “look like it’s going to end” it is always a halt, a no, or I don’t think so. So what I did with the stories of Misti is that I created a cycle, a generational cycle in the Land of Ner in which you can not only break the back of these cycles and curses, but you take a stand in your own life and say no more. Because your mom, dad, or whomever in your life is or was a role model in the beginning was a drug dealer, or was on drugs, or had sickness and diseases by choice because they mistreated themselves doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Bad habits can be replaced with good habits until it becomes natural to you and it so easy the true normal of whom God created you to be.

Not anyone has to ever follow an example of any person that produces unfruitful no matter who it is. It’s okay to stand alone and be different. No one can ever live your life for you unless you invite them in. So I say take a shoulder off that is not yours and give it back to the person that gave it to you the enemy. There is a spiritual warfare in this world, but I can honestly say there are more good than bad. It’s according to how you look at it positive or negative. The more you think positive you override the negative removing past traumas, hurts and pains, etc. It takes a leap of faith with practice on that individual person.

When you look at yourself as an investment property that money cannot by and you invest time, energy, savings, sweat and tears, aches and pains into that investment in the end the investment pays you. You not only become a new creature in Christ Jesus but you become one minded. Just imagine having and receiving the mind of God, by the way He is the owner of everything. He can get you out of debt in one ounce of a second, meaning immediately and He doesn’t think twice, by the way you don’t have to ask at a point in oneness with him , his will is your will, your will is his will. He freely gives, remember whatever is on your mind is the same thing that is on his mind, you are one minded with him. So God himself goes out and show you exactly what you need to do for that particular assignment.

I only call it assignment because life is full of lessons, either you learn and grow to never touch a burning bush or tree, etc. or you fall for the enemy trap every time. All my stories not only show a person comes out of all their troubles or situations, but it also shows how God played a role in their everyday life.

I chose to write only because in my life I felt wasn’t up to par, meaning I wanted to change my outcome of what was set up for me from birth and what I did was create a new path of direct direction from the source that created me, The Spirit of the Living God, our creator that was there before creation ever existed.


*This is only the first page of this article. The entire article is in PDF below.

The Land of Ner



5 replies on “The Land of Ner”

You have a great blog and it is positive. God is good isn’t He. Amazing God we have. I see you do a lot of traveling, that has to be amazing to see the beautiful world our God created. I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless, peace.


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