Love Tangled but Giving a Second Chance

*This is only the first page. The download link for book 1 is included at the end.

Teresa Allen
Love Tangled but Giving a Second Chance
Book (1)


Maria: Daughter of Justina
Justina: Mother of Maria
Christina: Soulmate of Baldwin
Baldwin: Soulmate of Christina
Sergentino: Justina boyfriend
Pueblo: Worker of recycling plant
God’s Words of wisdom

Teresa Allen, Love Tangled but Giving a Second Chance (book 1), written January 7, 2017, published Jan.2020.


Once upon a time there was a lady name Christina. She was a mom of three and she overworked herself into a place of desolate and a place of wander. Christina lived a life full of regrets from past life events. She wondered if this happen this way, it would have been different. She was gifted in the since of love bereavement, meaning she never depended on love for anything, but only did what she needed to do. One day Christina met this handsome fellow name Baldwin. Baldwin was a successful business man and was well known in the business arena. He was handsome and stood tall and strong, but Baldwin was a bashful person, shy when it came to a woman he like. He might be tall and strong, but he had a sense of shyness when it came to a woman of color. The reason I say that because Baldwin is a black man that chose to date only black women, not only that he has been portrayed as being a womanizer when in reality he wasn’t, but found himself alone a lot because he couldn’t never find the right one to love. His heart was a beautiful one and had such pizzazz about himself. He was clever in a sense of abandonment, meaning he looks good for you or is he really good for you. So what Baldwin did before meeting another woman including Christina, he took some time off to reflect over his life. He went away and took a private vacation alone in the hills of South California, he did this so no one would come looking for him and he miscues it so everyone would think he was elsewhere. He did this purposely so God will communicate with him in a more effective way, with no hostile environment around him. Once God removed this hostile environment, Baldwin realized that he had done some things that wasn’t pleasing to God, not just that Baldwin also realized that this lady Christina whom he had his eyes on for over a year or two, has had enough of this, meaning she cared and loved Baldwin, but she now refuses to settle for the crumbs. She considered him crumbs now, not because she wanted to, but because Baldwin delayed things in her life so much she is refusing to carry out God’s plan until he get in touch with her. Baldwin told God why is it that she feels this way and God answered unto Baldwin and said son you have displaced Christina and you have displeased me, you chosen a way of dignity and grace, but substituted this dignity and grace with lustful ambitious and not just that son, you chose to give up Christina in a way that not only disown her in a way, but has discontinued you as a potential soulmate for her. I decided a while back when these things occurred that you would never see or lay your hands or even look at Christina the way you did the first time you laid your eyes on her, not only that son, you are the chosen one for Christina and she knows it and even that said and done these contacts that was done in a way that set her up to look tormented or desperate, but in reality, it made you look like a fool trapped in a body of desolate, troubles, worry, and is discontent because of these findings. You are only keeping afloat in things because I am helping you, not only that I am placing a hedge of protection around you because Christina ask me too. She is a selfless person and always considers others, sometimes before herself. Let me tell you about Christina, God said, she is an amazing woman and not only that Christina will not take shit from you not now or ever. Christina has completely dedicated her life to me and she will not look back or to the left or right, but straight ahead. She has given up everything to follow me, not just that she is also the one I chose for you. You see son, you are thinking wrong about this and you know it, but you are reasoning in your head about this, this is ordained by me and I have chosen you and her to be soulmates forever and ever. This you know, but try to make it seem life she chose you. A matter of fact she is one of the ones that never heard of you until I gave her wisdom to find you on the web.

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Love Tangled but Giving a Second Chance, Book 1

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