The Story of Sydney and Misti in the Land of Ner

Teresa Allen

The Story of Sydney and Misti in the Land of Ner
(Book 2)


Dear Diary today I went to the store today and I saw my son, my first born son Emmanuel baby mother. Her name is Marjorie. I legally adopted their daughter as my own, her name is Misti. Marjorie said to me in the store before Misti came back to me, she said you know your daughter told me that not only I am the scum on her shoes, but it derives from pure trash, not only that I knew my child would say such a thing, but also I knew she probably did say that about the scum on her shoe because not only does her dad say that about this Marjorie he have said it in front of her and I have gotten on to him countless of time to not say that in front of her because she will only grow up and repeat the same thing about her, but she will disown her real mom in such way that will hurt her like hell, but wish she was never born, not only that she would tell her not only not to talk to her when she ever sees her again, but don’t even look her way because she isn’t her mom, her mom is Sydney and her father is Emmanuel and not only that she would say I have two fathers, My real father name is Emmanuel, Robert is my true father because he took me in when my own father couldn’t help me and he loved me just like Sydney did and not only that they didn’t treat me no different than their own children. True to be told Sydney had three newborn that year all of them still in diapers, not only that she had six other children the previous year and that made 11 children of her own and she didn’t hesitate to take me.

She gave me so much love and care I could just kiss her alive, meaning she is an amazing mom. Not only that this is my first year as a freshman and this college is prestigious, how Sydney got me into this college I don’t know, but she told me she looked at each college as an individual and she looked at my gift that I showed early on and when she seen the right college she made sure everything was prepared early that way when enrollment came up the first day, she did it the first day, the paper work was in order. She said you deserve to go to the best school for you, not only that the best school in the United States, but not too far away where it will take a long time to come and see you. She in other words chose colleges and didn’t waste any time by starting early, not only that God helped with these things, I can’t leave him out, actually he told me exactly what to do with you and that’s why you are here with me today and I tell you Misti I love the heck out of you, you are my daughter, not only that I bore you from me because you are my son daughter and if any of my children have babies no matter it is out wedlock or not, they are all from me because I bore them from me and what comes from me also derives from them to me.

And this will also find that one of her other kids from a previous marriage was pregnant with twins, she was married but she had a hard time with her pregnancy and Sydney let me tell you child, that is a curse from Satan himself. I didn’t work hard for none of my seeds to be lost and Sydney prayed to God and she said God not only did you promise me that there will be no other death for my sons and daughters, but also you promised that you will provide and protect them everlasting. So God looked upon Sydney and said to Sydney, yes I did promise you that and my will not only will be done in her life, I will honor my word and that there will be no more generational curses upon your family from generation to generation to generation. Rest assured Sydney, I got this. So, Sydney said to God thank you God, I love you. Those beautiful twins were born on time and there was no complication with the mother or the babies. God blessed Sydney and her seeds with multiple blessings, rewards, and talents. Sydney, Robert, and all her seeds walk closely with God all their lives. You see God kept all his promises and Sydney never had to stressed, worry about anything because she believed God would not only do the things he promised, but he will forever protect her and her seeds forever.

Getting back to Misti, so after Sydney talked to Misti about school and how she chose it, Misti said mom you are an amazing woman, not only that I am going to grow up to be just like you, not only mom you are my rock and my fortress and with you I shall stand above all and they will see that not only my grandma raised me as my mom, but she adopted me as her own when she had 11 kids of her own, not only she is the only one I can go to in trust, I am very open with her about everything. Not only that Sydney is a great mom and I wonder even to myself how do she has the time to take care 11 kids and me too and look she just told me she is expecting six more bundle of joys she called them, and I was like wow, but not only that she is not just an amazing woman, you see she treat each one of us uniquely different. She still tells me that not only am her knight in shining armor, because she pulled me out of such darkness my true mother is and took me as her own and she is my real mother and not only that she is the only one I would ever say or call mom and my father the same. A matter of fact Sydney is so gifted she has written so many books. I stop counting after eight, not only that she use to tell me that these stories are all made up, but I would read some that I could that didn’t have explicit words in it and I see some of these stories sure sounded like me, but I never say anything to her. Now I am embarking on my first year at college, not only that Sydney says I am the first 15 year ever to go too this school.

Sydney said God helped her chose this school because it is a private school, but distinguished from any other and not only that it is so private many students does not know it exist and that is because they look at this school as a poor school, but actually the attendance is low because people look at it as poor. Not only that this school is well kept and considered one of the top school in America, but few take the chance with this school because it looks poor and because of how the neighborhood looks. Not just that Sydney herself went to look at this, I am going to tell you Sydney does not play when it concern her children she would go through extreme to make sure they are protected, sometimes to protected and God will tell her let them go do things on their own I am watching them and it all boils down to her son having one before marriage. Her daughters, my sisters would be the main ones complaining, but Sydney let by way with them, but only in group of six, not only but six because she say six will not let one fall, six was a lucky number for her, but that’s another story for another book Sydney would say. So Sydney searched this neighborhood, she drove around it, and they would tell her crime was very minimum if any there, that there has not been a murder there in that area since the 60’s, she say what. The lady cops circle the neighborhood so much because they think it is poor, but everybody had moved out of it that was bad and there are a new generation of wealthy people living here now it is only the look, because some of these old buildings make it look run down, but it is not and actually you have been the first to ask me or probably anybody else. Sydney said thank you. So she didn’t hesitate by enrolling me here, even though God said it was okay, but you all know by reading Sydney books that Sydney doesn’t play when it comes to her children and not only that you will soon see that I am not only the first 15 year old to go too this college, but I received full scholarship and my mom and father didn’t have to pay a dime, not only my dorm was free, books was free, when I say full tuition it was full including the food. Not only that my mom made me apply to every scholarship she could find and she had 3 other going to different colleges and she did the same thing. Sydney would say to all that read this book not only can this be done, but it can be done in such way that integrity, respect, love, kindness, and gentleness, but not just that it all comes with a price, but it is all worth it. But all these things can be done according to God’s will. If all will do things God’s way he will always show out in an amazing, exceptional way like he did for Misti. Misti grew up and not only that, let me tell you this, Misti excel so good in this prestigious college, not only did she receive straight A’s every semester, but she graduated one year earlier being the first to graduate there at an early age of 18, she received honorary rewards, graduated valedictorian being the first black valedictorian as that, not only that after Sydney told her to take a year off and don’t worry about money, mom saved up you plenty of money. You have worked so hard and excelled, you need a break before you go do your career. So Misti listen and she actually enjoyed that year off, but she would say I didn’t need a break; mom did this because I kept mom on her shoes, because Sydney would have to fly countless of time, alone at times to see these honorary things Misti did, so she was tired but loved every bit of it. You see the shoe fits it, wears it and that is all I have to say.

The End

The story of Sydney, Misti, Emmanuel, Marjorie, the land of Ner Book (2)

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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