The Story of the Orphanage Boy

Teresa Allen

The Story of the Orphanage Boy

Once upon a time there was a boy grew up in an orphanage. He was about 15 when his parents left him alone in a home abandoned with no food or water; actually this particular building was a place that no one lived. The boy had no relatives in this state that he knew of. He didn’t know what to do, but go to the police station to ask for help.
After going to the police station, an officer there asked lots of questions and took him to a nearby orphanage. These days’ people of that age usually don’t get adopted, but there’s still hope. This particular orphanage was for all boys, something in a military style. Boys that went to this orphanage were well off in academics and grew up to be well discipline and keeping things organize and put together. Many of them enrolled in military after leaving there; at least the ones that never got adopted like the older boys, some went to college and some went off to different countries and took on different careers, but the success was great and amazing. This orphanage was run by a very prestigious general of one of the earlier wars and he wanted to give back in such way because he was an orphanage as a teenager and he was never adopted. One thing General Lofty had trouble with was finding good help and a donor for this orphanage, adjacent to this orphanage was a military academy and funding was low, but General Lofty wasn’t given up on these boys. One day the boy that was 15 was brought in, his name was Michael. Michael was a well frame boy as if he lifted weights.

He bestowed on General Lofty by asking so many questions that the General said okay son save some questions for tomorrow. Michael said okay, but can you tell me this, why did you call me son, my dad never called me son and not only that my dad called me everything but the son of God. The general said what, yes sir, I have a mean dad and he is an abuser too. The general walked out of the room for a minute and tears came from his eyes because he thought about himself at the same exact age Michael was, so he composed himself and went back to talk with Michael. General Lofty said Michael you don’t have to worry or go through nothing like that again, a matter of fact Michael you will be my son, but it will take quite some time to get this done because of your real parents would have to legally give you up, until then you will start military academy the first thing in the morning. Don’t worry or think of records right now, we will place you in the grade for your age, until we get school records and testing done for you, as well as give you counseling because of the drama you have been through. Not just that son, you are a bright child for your age and smart in many ways.

A matter of fact, tell me this, what is your career goals. Michael said, well sir right now I just want a decent home to live in, but I always dreamed of being a lawyer or a teacher of some sort. General Lofty said I am going to take you to a career guided counselor in the school tomorrow after classes and we will go from there and also son you never said anything about me being your adoptive father. Michael said, to be honest I don’t know you like that and not just that you never know, my real dad might just come back and find me. So Lofty said, do you actually want to live with abusive parents. Michael thought about it and said no I don’t. Lofty said I will tell you what we will get to know one another for about 5 months and we will go from there, but I am looking into adopting you and finding your parents to see how they stand. Michael agreed and General Lofty showed him his room. These rooms were set up as small dorm rooms as college, but one bed, a desk, and a toilet with sink. The showers and bath was in the hall of each floor. There were several floors and Michael was placed on the first because he was new. Later on the next day General Lofty approach Michael giving him new clothes, shoes, and other needs he needed. Not only that he said get ready for the first day of class. This was the ending of the old and the beginning of the new. The Story of the Orphanage Boy book 2 (A Connection and Bond That Faltered) is posted.

Teresa Allen, The Story of the Orphanage Boy (book 1), Created in 2017, Published 2019

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

The Story of the Orphanage Boy_book1


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