The Story of Misti in the Land of Ner

Teresa Allen

Introduction: The Story of Misti in the Land of Ner

This story is about a young lady name Misti born out of wedlock. Misti grew up faster than most but she conquered all that was meant for evil. She had loving parents that not only loved her, but gave her a new life to be free from the debt that was caused by her biological parents. At the time Misti didn’t know that but after growing up and seeing both sides of the world good and evil, she knew she was at home when her grandparents adopted her as their own. Even though Misti was young in heart she was the one that set up her family for life, breaking all generational cycles for good. Why did I say that? Misti loved God, she was eventually brought up in a household that not only loved and served God, but she was brought up with the most genuine love you could ever ask for, unconditional, unfailing love. She was treated just like all the other children that her grandparents had and they didn’t treat her any different. It was if her grandparents carried her in their womb. I know only a woman has a womb, true but not true when you live in the house of the Lord. He carries the baby and brings that bundle of joy into a new world of thanksgiving and gratefulness. God will go to the highest mountain to do anything for His chosen ones and think nothing about because it is a giving, not a take. God gives good things, He doesn’t take, but what He does is allow willing hearts and minds to give up things that they longer need. I am the one that freely gives and think nothing about it because I look at the world as peace and calm. To further that I will say it like this, have you ever given some money to a stranger in need and you could see the peace in their eyes that even if it was a small donation to them it brought peace to their soul and it calmed the storm within them down. Maybe it was enough to buy a hamburger or fries, either way it calmed the storm down just a little while so that that person could have peace at that moment. That is joy for me. All my life even as a little girl I would do some things like that using whatever resources I had to help another even if it was little and sometimes it was time and effort. I got to a point in my own life I had to stop and let go and said God I can’t do this anymore, I am tired. I have tried and underestimated how much it cost to feed your people, so Lord in order for me to do my earthly assignment that you commissioned me to do, I am letting go of it and let you deal with it. I will rest now. You will have to pay the price. My body, my time and effort as if it is a waste and I said God you dealt with me for so long you lost happiness in me. I said this story of Misti is only me how I felt growing up as a child as a misfit, but soon was rescued the day I surrendered my life to you. But even so today Lord you forgot about me.

So the Lord answered immediately and said my child I haven’t forgotten about you. You see that child Misti was your mother as a child, she felt the same way you felt growing up a misfit. Her life was far worse than yours, but even so my child you came out alive. Although you lost your mom a few years prior, you gain wisdom, knowledge with understanding on how and when to break generational cycles and curses. Sydney was a woman of God I used to show you that I am a God that not only provide, protect, and love but I am a God that is your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, and much more.

I said God excuse me for a second no disrespect, but God I already know that you are everything to me. I know this I have seen you show up in every area of my life except my finances and my relationship.

God said immediately, my child it’s already done. I sat quietly for a moment with disappointment on my face and tears in my eyes and said good night, there’s nothing more to say. In his still small voice deep within he said I got it, but I said deep within my own being thanks, but no thanks. You see when I believe my mind and heart is one with God I don’t need to doubt at any time or listen to an outside help portraying to be the master of me when I am the master of my own being, I serve no one. By the way that was the enemy again portraying to be the greatest, the master of me. It brings confusion and when confusion shows up it is the enemy. You have to stand on the Word of God created you to be in this world, if He placed you on a solid foundation than you can overcome all things that is not of him. It’s been done over and over and sometimes a still small voice isn’t the one you think it is so God gives us all discernment to know is it good or evil. It’s a matter of choice every day we have to examine our own thoughts and if it is not good you toss it to the ground and step all over it daily. One day at a time, we can only live one day at a time so there’s no need to rush anything. Have you notice when you are really busy you always leave something out or something gets broken, or an accident happen, something out of the ordinary always happen, that is only showing us that we need to slow down and enjoy life and live life at a slower pace. I can tell you all those rush moments in my earlier life if I would have slowed down just a little bit I would have seen all the crows in my life, lessons I learned and grew from and I will never ever touch that burning bush again. Amen

That’s another story to talk about later. I hope you enjoy the story of Misti and her beautiful upbringing. This is book 1 of 2 that I have written thus far. I only say that because when God sits down sometimes with me we write for hours at a time until I said God you know I have a 9 to 5 job that you placed me in by the way it’s one of the lowest wages job I ever worked for as an adult, so if you want me to sit and write like this all the time and everyday than you need to pay this bill in full, He knew exactly what I was talking about and I was serious and didn’t utter either. He tried to play possum, but He couldn’t because it was on my mind, when it is on my mind it is on his mind, our mind is one now because I was reborn in and through Him. There’s no more hide and seek or pretending, not just that God does that to us because his ways of doing things is much greater than ours so I just sit now and smile and say okay we are on a ride of a lifetime, where are we going now, believe it or not we went back and closed all open doors in my past and closed them immediately so I could finally be set free from trials and tribulations. Amen. God is good, but you know it doesn’t stop there and later in another story I will tell you how everything turned out in more stories.

Have a great day and may God bless you all with thanks and giving. Peace

*This book contains explicit words I wouldn’t normally use in my stories. Some of my stories like this one and the Twist of Faith language are different but it was written this way to relate to different avenues and revenues. Only God knows who needs to read this.

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

The Story of Sydney, Misti, Emmanuel, Marjorie, the land of Ner Book (1)

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