The Net That Broke Over And Over Again

Teresa Allen

This is about a day you think about things that was just a lost cost because how things were taken out of context which brought to discontent. Looking back at this poem was just a memory that faded so long ago I decided not to hang on to losses. You see if I ever felt like something was a lost cost or regret than I didn’t need it to begin with. So this poem really brought to my remembrance that not only have I overcome regrets and past transgressions, but I overcome the world. Everybody love isn’t freely giving, so if I have to pay the price for someone to love me than I didn’t need that love in the beginning. There’s more fish where that came from, except I don’t eat meat anyway. By the way sometimes that kind of price for love comes in so many shapes and forms that you know the devil himself set you up on that date of hell to defend yourself, but he couldn’t do this to me this time because I remain faithful to myself and honored and glorified myself. I am happy to say I have been single for over 10 years and I don’t regret it. I focused on myself and accomplished and fulfilled in myself that I could never have done if I was in a relationship or marriage. This was my time to put in the work to bring myself into completion, when the work is done, than I am ready for dating and marriage, hello whichever comes first. When God hands are all in your affairs it happens quickly and suddenly. Thus says the Lord, I connect you together as husband and wife and before you know it, weeks, not months later you are in matrimony. Look at the people in the Living Bible. If He did it for them, He will do it for me.

I had so many lessons I had to learn with love, when the wrong love showed up again believe it or not it directly turned around and cast it own net and didn’t catch anything but a mustard seed of faith. I strip myself of all the love that I learned from beginning until now, starting with myself. When I fell in love with myself, I attracted the right love into my own life and believe it or not the ones that weren’t right for me went the other way not saying a word. Know your worth and know that you do not have to settle for a person that lost and crumbled up with shackles around the head, heart, feet, arms, their entire being. When God set you free from all those shackles you had on and been through you will not want to put up with nobody else shenanigans. It isn’t worth your time or effort and they know it that’s why they start skipping the other direction and saying to themselves I can’t catch this one she/he is smart I am just going to the byways and the highways and catch something or somebody new to the game, so they go to the ones that is young in heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body and persuade, twist arms, and more to get what they want. The enemy has the same tricks yesterday, today, and forever. What has changed from biblical times until now with the enemy, nothing? God doesn’t change, His word is everlasting life. He just prepared us ahead of time so that we could overcome every adversity in this world with His help. There’s no more give or take with my love, either you for me or you against me. The ones that is against me goes to in-depth reasons on why you should be with them, but I politely say no thank you I already prepared my meal and you are not invited. This is a private party with no invitations passed out, by the way this ceremony, this meal has been prepared so far ahead of time you don’t know the timing or date, so go back to your right hand man and cast him a net and let him choose your chosen one. I am spoken for to the point I am ordained and appointed to rule you. Of course the enemy caused warfare in my love life and really in every area of my life to have me to bow down, but it didn’t work and so in the ending of my last days here on the earthly plain as my old life transition to a brand new life, where the old didn’t exist anymore which included the enemy. His grave was marked and ready for him and immediately he went after my transition. I am my own boss, my own leader, I work for myself, meaning the enemy hurried up because he knew he had to serve me now because I overcame everything in him, pure hell and that is what surrender is. When you completely surrender there’s no second guessing, you are truly tired of being tired and fooling with the wrong love, the wrong passions, the wrong everything pretty much. I tell you some things I learned growing up, God said nope, you don’t live under that system anymore, so I tell you I let go and gave up stuff in a twinkle of an eye. God did the work in and through me, but I felt it all and it hit me to the point of death. He had to honor His Word and remember the rainbow that He will never ever destroy the world again. I am grateful, thankful, and appreciative for everything, but can honestly say it feels good to be clean and pure as gold inside which money can never buy. For those that are going through these stages of life and especially with love, stand strong and don’t give in. Take time for yourself and discover new gifting God has already giving you from the beginning of time, everything you could possible ever need or want is dwelling inside of you waiting for you to speak, knock, answer, etc. God bless you all peace.

The Net That Broke Over And Over Again

The rain is falling
Spreading across the sky
Its essence sprouts accordingly
With nothing in sight

It holds and captures wisdom and might
It pours downward without limits
Without withholding

It shines in a way of beauty from within
But it comes to a place of standstill
Where you see no rain flourishing
Or in any sight

It usually pours downward
But this time around it pours upward
It’s backward, wayward but captures
The essence of presence

But withholding life at a place
Of missing, a place of grace
But without merit grace, favor

It stands alone only because
It is missing the ones that left
But too, it is not content in life
As if should, the reason no content
This standstill has brought no hope
No grace, no goodness of life to hold on too

This rain of joy feels neglected
By the ones that left, but yet instill
The rain loves them more each day

So this rain finds itself not settling for less
But wants not little
But wants more time of essence
That felt as a loss a while back

This rain is radiant within its own means
But also this rain loves all without fault
But with gratitude
But also this rain is still and forever
Always be loved by those that left
Not only that lost love always find its
Way back and on time according to God’s will

God’s will is perfect and always ahead of time
© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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