Wisdom Be Still

Teresa Allen

*This is a story of the Lord talking with me giving me a better understanding in the process of being reborn again. When God got through speaking to me in that language I just sat there and said God write the vision and make it plain because I am so tired of these rituals, these poems , these rhymes, I am just sick of this prolong process you placed me in. Nope, I am done. You finish what you started. You right I am resting and I will relax in my own being knowing that not only have I finished this with my hands tied up behind my back with shackles on my feet, I finished this ahead of time so now you can not only bless me, but extend my life in which the locust, the worms of all kind, let just say the enemies that lies beneath us stolen from me. When I say I am done, I don’t want to hear about any good news, every time I hear good news; it turns it back on me and make me pay double. When I say my back is broken and I cannot take any more weight bearing news I say it with honesty and integrity. Take this shit off of me or I will tell all your living sons and daughters that you abandon me. He was astonished and said politely, my child I got this, but even as you said that the cross is no more. I smiled, shook my head and said devil you a liar. I realized through this process of rebirth, you have to play along like a child in dirt or in the mud watering the flowers or making supper out of dirt and branches as they seen their parents cooking in the kitchen, imitation. That’s another story to tell. I can honestly say today storytelling got me out of this shit I was in and I lost the bad words immediately, although some of my older stories will have it in them because i was still becoming a virgin all over again. The hell had to come out of somewhere, so it did in the midst of my anger, pain, and hurts.

Yeah, that was Satan listening in on my conversation with the Most High. He left in a hurry and went back to the land of desert feast where there’s nothing but deadness there with many storms and diseases of all kind. He is not only the father of lies, he is the mother of lies too because he comes in all shape and form, including things, but will never be greater than God’s children. As soon as the enemy left I felt calm and a peace that sustain all. I can honestly say The Holy Spirit gave me a financial backing that set me up for life; no one could ever be stalling on me any kind of debt, not one. The financial obligations was all broken and deceased, no one could ever price me or pay for something that they say is owed to them. I am no longer anybody property. Sin is sin, but the more sin we have the more debt we carry around on our bodies, mind, heart, soul, spirit, even strength. When we start forgiving all that sin against us and forgive ourselves the wages are getting paid. Sin is a terrible disease that follows us everywhere we go and say I want this or need this but in reality it’s a fantasy. We have everything we need within us; the outer comes to agreement when the inner says there are no more needs or wants. Once that agreement is done and paid in full, there’s no shortfalls or windfalls that says you owe anything. It is paid and it is a once in a lifetime fulfillment that only God can give us. We would fall short every time because we are human, we have faults and we are not perfect. God is perfect, sinless, thoughtful, and all-loving, He is the only one that can remove all sins in a way that we can remain in honor, integrity, dignity, without substituting things in the place value. So when I received my second chance I grabbed it and received it and said okay life you can go cause I received something ten times better as you. You know Satan call himself life as well, but God said Satan is a liar with deadness written all over him.

Anybody can see that a mile away, but yet even so we all fall short without the help of the Good Lord where would we be without His mercy upon our soul. I am so grateful that I am still alive to share my journey with my children today. God and I created a bond together that no enemy could ever withstand us; we stand upright together as father and son, but this time its father and daughter. You have to become in the likeness and image of His son no matter who was born first or last. It’s all about perseverance, endurance, and patience. All is well. God’s grace is sufficient for today.

I wanted all to know that I wasn’t complaining, I was only going through the motions and emotions of everything. After being on this journey for years, my body was weary and tired and I was thirsty.  The only thing I truly wanted to do was rest and rest and be let alone in my mind, heart, soul, strength, and even my spirit was weary and tired. I took on a lot at first so that I could finish the road ahead of time, but this time I sat on the passenger side and said if God is for me, who can be against me and I went to sleep and I never woke up. I let go of the old and woke up to the new. You cannot fight against powers and principalities, only God can so what in the world I am fighting for, so I got my hair net and I covered it up with all the pains and hurts of the past and swallowed it up and flushed it down the toilet and it went into the dumpster, the dumpster carried it somewhere, you get the picture. Out with the old, I don’t have time for it.  Time is money, money is time. There’s no right or wrong answer anymore. I am finished.


Wisdom Be Still

Wisdom I give you
Peace I instill in you

Love dwells inside
Outside there’s fear
There’s discontent

The reason of this
Because you receive
Yet understanding
Of things I’m doing

Guilt arises
Only because
There’s never enough to meet needs
Time consuming, rest needed, boredom kicks in

Souls diverted into passion of life
Life gives freedom of choice
But with obedience and care
Time tells all is over

Never grafting things or ideas
These things I give you today
Wisdom, knowledge with understanding

Time and book will tell
You gave and gave
Losing no battles
But gaining wisdom, care, and love

These words are only encouragement
Encouragement with drive, dignity
Life says to life once again
You are the pedestal in which
Love, life drives

No understanding giving
None needed, wisdom covers
The loss of things

Loss you have not
This way of live is paved
With no bereavement, no losses

Not only that
Time will show love prevails
Love is a mystery, a machine
That says okay today is the day

You see there’s no worry, no concern
I got this, I got this

You will soon find that troubles
Has disappeared

Not only that the time
You have today

Take a break, relax
Relax, rest

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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