Twist of Fate – Perfectly Mine

Teresa Allen

This story is one of my collections of stories I have written and I wanted to share how God not only love us but He forgives all transgressions. We are perfect to Him in an imperfect world. Meaning we are the apple of His eye. It only take a mustard seed of faith to take you to a kingdom that will never leave or forsaken you to the point God says what His is ours. Perfect will is all in the giving of time, effort, dedication, and communication. It’s all about divine connections and divine connections. It’s all about who you are connected to that will not only get you to high places, but get you to a place of togetherness. Although this is not a testimony of mines, I enjoy sitting creating the stories that I believe would help another on their journey. Too much is given, much is required, so this is me, been giving a throne that I love and enjoy to bring the best of the best into an atmosphere where there is so much warfare and chaos in that sometimes we lose our best thinking we are receiving something greater, but in the end we realize we had the best and chose something that the enemy set up to kill, steal, and destroy us. This book is about betrayal, but it is also about a woman and man that invited spiritual warfare into their bedroom, living arrangements to the point of death warrants. There is death in our tongue, so these two individuals decided to go outside of themselves to experience something that should have been between husband and wife. There’s no judgment, but when you appreciate what you have and whom you decided to marry, it is beautiful created, but when you take a natural into something unnatural it end up backfiring into something greater than what you thought. So in the end you end up with your jaw dropped like what happened in this story, it backfired on them. Sometimes you get second chances with that love one and sometimes you don’t. Regrets take place and stays with you and you wonder what could’ve or should’ve been done. Hopefully this story can help another that may or may not be going through something similar.(originally created in 2017)

Twist of Fate- Book 9
Perfectly Mine

A woman not intentionally invites another woman in her bedroom. The woman says this isn’t what I signed up for. She thought the woman was there to watch, so the lady takes her clothes off for her husband and the other lady takes her clothes off for her husband and the other lady started to feel on the wife bosom and she resisted her. The husband tells her to turn over and he comes into her and he turns her back over and he starts to kiss her bosom, the other lady started coming on to her and started touching her bosom this time she allowed it. She had the man on her left breast and the woman on her right breast. She thought at the time she was getting the best of both worlds. Little did she know there will be a twist of fate? Every night the man and woman, whom I might say is husband and wife, but they would invite this same woman into their bedroom. The lady was getting use to it and was enjoying having two every night. Until one night the two invited the same lady into the bedroom and I tell you what a night that was, the woman no longer wanted her husband anymore, she only wanted the woman. She told her husband that she no longer wanted him, that she had falling in love with this lady they invited into their bedroom. It didn’t stop there, the lady didn’t want the affair with the married woman, and she had falling in love with her husband. What a night? This married woman lost her husband and lost the woman she was going to leave her husband for. She was tarnished and vowed to God that if he changes her life and help her get out of this mess she would never do anything like this again. So God came to her one night and told her if you give your life completely to me I will help you get out of this mess that you are in. But you will have to truly repent to me, meaning you will never do this again. When you truly repent to me and completely surrender to me, giving me your life so that I can truly help you, I will know that you are serious. If you don’t do as I say than I want help you. This will have to be done my way. My way is the only way I truly can help you as I need too. So God said are you ready for this change, are you ready to finally give me your life and make something out of it. The lady said yes I am ready this time and I promise this time I will not turn back from you. So, God searched her heart and seen within her heart that she was true of what she had spoken her desires was now to please God and to turn from her wicked, sinful ways. So he came into her that night and he cleansed her heart and he purified her. Instantly she felt a purifying sensation. Every night God would visit her in her dreams and take her to unknown places, he would talk to her and teach her his ways of doing things and growing her on a spiritual level, literary taking her to new heights in her dreams here on earth, while she wasn’t in spirit. God showed out for her. There was another twist of fate. After a few months being away from each other, the husband and wife, God reconcile them back together again. The man never did want the other woman and was really unhappy without his wife and even during this time from her, he realized that he needed to repent and turn to God. So one night, he prayed to God and he said God I have done wrong by you and my wife. I invited another woman into my bedroom, just wanting to try something different to spice things up. I realize to be honest after the second time, that I didn’t want this, but my wife seemed to enjoy it, so I allowed her to have that pleasure, and to be honest God this was my fault to begin with. I did the invite, and the invite backfired on me and I lost my wife. God I ask that you will make things right with my wife and me. I love her and I miss her. I don’t want a divorce God I want her. I promise you God if you reconcile us together again, I promise to never do anything so stupid and foolish again. What was I thinking? Our marriage was perfect before this and the only thing I needed to do was ask my wife let’s do something different and she would have been willing. It was me trying to be like everybody else because they were doing it, but no one ever told me that I will lose my wife. God I done wrong by her, will you please help me. So this is what God said to him in the midnight hours in his dream. God said my son you have done so many things wrong in your life. First of all you have never completely giving me your life. You come to me tonight because you have truly messed up your life, your marriage wanting me to fix it. This time I will not do this for you, you dug this bed for yourself. You got yourself into this mess; you get yourself out of it. God was testing him to see whether he was truly remorseful. So he said to God, God I need you please help me. I promise this time I will give my life to you and this time God I will not turn my back on you. I am truly sorry for doing this to my wife and I am sorry for turning my back on you. From this day forward I promise to stay close to you in every way. I realize that I need you and I cannot live in this world without you. You created me to be head of my household and of course you are the true head, but I was a coward and I failed at being the head of my household. I made poor decisions concerning my marriage, not only that but bad decision all of my life, but right now I can honestly say to you, life isn’t what I thought it would be I tried doing things in this world living up to other people expectations, pleasing people and realizing that they wasn’t pleased anyway. I could never please people. Nothing ever seemed to work out for me. I worked hard and I have nothing to show for it and I picked up a second job and I still cannot meet our needs. I have done many things wrong in my life God and I ask that you come into my life and be my savior. I promise this time I will never turn from you again. So that night God gave him many dreams and he searched his heart and found that everything he said was true and accurate. So he cleansed him and purified him and he took him on trips in the spirit realm to show him how he was made in his image and how to treat his wife and be the head of household as he should, and he took him to new heights in his spiritual level so that he will not falter again. He gave the man strong will to resist all those lustful temptations in the world and he gave him life again. This took a little over six months to transform into the image he was created to be from the beginning. After six months was up, he went back to his wife as a new man in Christ, he apologize to her for his wrong doing and he ask for hand in marriage again even though they was still married, he felt the need to do that again since he made a mess of it the first time. So the woman forgave him and she apologizes to him also. They reconcile with one another and within weeks God gave them child, not just one but three. She was pregnant with triplets. She was so astound and with gladness and he fell more and more in love with her day by day as life went on. They stayed married and never looked back on the former things of life. This was a new life that God had given them both, once they realized that they both needed God to be their source and the true head of their lives everything started falling into place again and because of their obedience to God, God blessed them in more ways that they could ever imagine and told them to be fruitful and multiply and boy did they. They had several more multiple births of children and they became owners, not renters. Their businesses boomed and they never lack as long as they lived.

Truth be told God knows everybody hearts. You cannot fool God, so when you go before him in prayer, he knows whether you are sincere or not. Just like he did this couple, he will do the same for you. A true repentant heart carries you into destiny, a destiny full of God’s promises. This is called the Promise Land. It is there for the taking for those that truly endure till the end. Gods says laughter is the key to the foundation of life. Laugh a little more. Enjoy life to the fullness. Explore life each day as a new beginning. Something eventually pops out of it and before you know it you have walked into destiny. This is for all to take and run with it; out of this you will build a strong foundation in God and conquer all evil and destruction in this world caused by the devil. God’s grace is sufficient for today, tomorrow has its own worries. Live today; life is short before you know it you will see positive changes in your life and surroundings. Until then stay close to God and stay within where true success comes from.

The End

Twist Of Fate Book 9

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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