Positive Affirmations

The Star of David Lies within the New Earth

Teresa Allen

Positive Affirmations

I wrote this particular positive affirmation on September 30, 2017. Staying positive in my life was very important to me. So, I wrote things down that I wanted to see happen in my life that the Lord Jesus Christ had already said I was in the Holy Living Bible. I said it like a song until it permeated in my entire being. So I am passing this to someone and hoping it will help start your day today and place a beautiful smile on your face. God has nothing but positive things to say about you, all of us.

You can always write your own and just do what I did, just make sure everything is positive. So think about it, write it down, and start reciting it until it gets deep down in your soul, your spirit soon enough you will sprout in that area of your life, blossoming like flowers in every season, no season is off limits and you will start seeing debt come off of you. Believe what you say no matter what the outside world thinks or believe, you are giving and receiving pure, genuine love for yourself, your household, and your family. Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful day.

The Star of David Lies within the New Earth

I am the New Earth, New Beginnings, a New Kingdom with the Lord Jesus Christ where He will reign within and outer now and forever more, eternity, and everlasting.

I am no longer succumbing to living conditions. I am made whole, complete in all things, not everything, but all things.

I will never be neglected or shut out of Life dimension and elevation in Jesus Christ.

I am the one called, the one given to be stronger than the strongest, greater than the greatest.

I am the strength that lay within that no darkness or principalities could overcome or subdue me.

I am blessed and I am prosperous and sure enough goodness and grace shall over take me with gifting and talents like never before, this time around like never before, this time around it shall stand and not be removed from me or used against me.

I shall see major changes, good changes that will come to a surprise.

I will see many things change in revenues for the better, for the greater good.

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