A Lost Love That Was Cast Into the Pits of Hell

A Lost Love That Was Cast Into the Pits of Hell

The daughter speaking:

But you gave me away
But you gave me away
It hurt you.

But you gave me away
But you gave me away
You loved me.

But you gave me away
You gave me away
You cried.

But you gave me away
You gave me away
It hurt you.
Angel cries too.

The father speaking:

My heartache
Because I gave you away

My heart pound
Because I gave you away

I loved you
Like no other.

I had to give you away
You loved me.

I had to give you away
Tears flourished from my eyes.

Never done this
For no one

My heart pouncing
Never stopping
I had to give you away.

I first wrote this poem on September 8, 2016. As I came across it a few days ago, I said what in the world I was going through at that time. I realized I was tormented between two brothers. One said they love me and the other one just looked and stood there and said nothing. This was a spiritual poem. Although it didn’t happen to me on the plains, it happened in my physical body. God sometimes give us dreams and vision to overcome things in this world so that we can overcome it. We don’t always have to have the experience in the natural to overcome it and this poem is one of them. Some of my poems and stories were experienced on a spiritual level, instead of a physical path. One reason God do that is because His hopes and dreams are ten times greater than ours, but He choose to give it to us that way so we want be shamed, disgraced, manipulated, etc., this is His way of protecting us from the lower gods in this world.

In this particular poem I was communicating with the father of lies and the True Living Father watched. Sometimes in dreams things seems to be different. At the time I didn’t know he was the enemy, he actually looked as though he was for me. Once I got to know his true colors, he turned on me and tried to suffocate me with debt, sin. He was full of fake news, lies, tears; everything about him was up to no good. As time went on and I discovered his true colors, he turned everybody against me and played the blaming game.

I was disappointed with God and hurt because He allowed so much to take place in my life after I was completely surrendered to Him. I was trusting Him to protect me and cover me from all disasters, but at this particular stage in my life I had old situations from the past I had to overcome, I call them old demons because they try to come back when you got yourself all cleaned up and they say you look beautiful, let’s give us another chance. When you say no, your life gets tormented up and down the hills, mountain top, etc. It seems as though it would never stop. Only way it stops is when Jehovah Jireh comes and say no more and pay the debt in full. I can tell you, it seems like He takes His sweet time about it too, like come on Jehovah I am tired as hell. My back is broken down and you sitting watching and smiling saying I am on time. At the time it wasn’t funny, but now I can look at it and say He was working out everything for my good.

Trouble doesn’t last forever and always

Once giving to the lower gods to be tortured, but was fully protected by the Most High God, which they tortured the hell right out of me, leaving me with scrapes, burns, bruised, whelps, and more. They didn’t leave anything out. But one thing for sure they couldn’t take my life and the Lord provided, it was like I was wanting, but I am alive telling my story on how I survived and made it out alive to say Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He doesn’t change. That mustard seed grew and became fully developed, not needing or wanting nothing or anything. It’s all done in the name of love and that same exact love set me free from all those lower gods, mercy you guys. You have to have mercy upon all souls. Not one is perfect. We don’t condemn a person because they are different than others, but what we do is embrace each other difference. We don’t have to put up with people nasty ways or attitudes of living, but what we do is know the difference between condemning someone, by criticizing or we just keeping our distance because they are not good for us. Not one of us is exactly alike, there are differences for a reason, to me it’s like those two peas on a pod and both of the peas say I want to go this way, each way is different. Do they stay together or do they split up. Well is like this if you know a person path is bad for you than you walk away, turn the other cheek, but if you both hold the same heart desires, there’s the compromise. If the heart isn’t compatible than you can’t change it, God can, but we don’t have to wait on a person to change for the better good by placing our life on the back burner. We deserve to have happiness, joy, and peace in our inner being. So never doubt that, that intuition is only God saying it’s not time, it’s not the right connection, and it’s not the right mate or work. He has something better for you, so be patient your time is coming. I felt the need to say that because God said there is a spiritual warfare taking place in this earth where people feel the need to speed things up to try to conquer the world all at once. No, it doesn’t work that way, but the ones that is reading can share this word with another and let them know; it takes one second, one day at a time. It takes baby steps to complete your life. If God gives it to us all at once we wouldn’t have learned anything and we will just turn back around and start doing the same things we did before, some call it backslidden, but I call it greed, which by the way cause premature deaths in the family and it abort God plans for you, so then when your tree starts to hang low again, the takers come back and start taking again. The cycles repeat and the generational curses continue to live on in your family and household. Repetition is awful.

Take this for an example I will start with my diet, what I did was prayed about it and said Lord help me. I am tired of carrying around this baby fat from birth and my poor eating habits. I believed He could help me with it and He did. So I did that with every issue I had with myself, I took it to God. I examined myself first before I tried to pluck at somebody else eye and there was no compromising because if what I wanted wasn’t good enough, God just turned me right around and say okay we are going to go about this way, He never uses shortcut to give you something I tell you. You have to work for it. Once your work is done, then things are freely giving. To be honest whatever your plans for yourself leave it at the cross, God’s plan is ten times better. When I started praying for the littlest thing for God to help me with that I knew I couldn’t change without His help, things started happening for me in work, health, relationships, etc. I started rising up. God took my asking and received it and helped me. It sounds simple because it is simple. Ask and you shall receive. The doors are open to all willing to help themselves. When the going gets tough who do we call God, so we can call on the Holy Ghost when everything is good. We have to examine ourselves and our motives why we want what we want or why we do the things we do. Is it to impress another or is it for us. Just like this blog, I did it not just for myself, but I took my disasters in my life that occurred and turned it into positive into a gain and that is me helping another in their need or wants in their life. I am a selfless giver. I don’t have to think twice before sharing because I know when I write the Spirit of God lives in me and He will not has His child looking like a fool in public. Testimonies are to share when you have overcome something in your life, it helps others and that’s why I don’t mind sharing my stories. Of course I don’t want know one trying to sell my testimony or add to my work to benefit them because my website was created to help and spread the Good News. It’s all about spreading the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ through our testimonies, our hurts and pains, trials, tribulation, etc. You never know who needs to hear that message from you and only you could’ve saved that person at that particular time. Don’t build walls and bridges, gaps, cornerstones where another can’t help you or you want help another, but when an opportunity present itself to you and you have what they need you give, sometimes it’s a listening ear, a telephone call, etc. Taking steps like this one on a daily basis with you is a gift within a gift.

Merry Christmas is every day, not just one day. Christ would say today, my birthday is every day, if I had to be reborn again spiritually once a year on Christmas Day all will be lost. He would say my spiritual birth is in the hearts and minds in every believer that wants a better life, that wants generational curses to be broken, that wants the never ending cycles to stop and begin again to something amazing and beautiful within me, my mind, my soul, my spirit, my body, and my strength. He would say we are for each other not against one another. As soon as He says that the shaking in your life stops and immediately you are transformed into whom He created you to be. Trust me the after effect is what get you because now you have to build back up what the lower gods took from you; by the way they only took what was owed to them, debt, spiritual darkness, yelp all the badness mixed with good, and negativity. All those bad seeds had to let go of me and my camp is clean. I am for myself, not against me and I am no longer divided between good and evil.

After the bad seeds are gone, the building up process is only you recuperating, but lots needed to be done to build to the top in being the head of your life the right way, with honor, dignity, justice, grace, liberty, and goodness. It’s a done deal; you crossed to the other side of forgiveness with the Lord. He looks upon you in you as His image and likeness. One day at a time in the right position can get you there. I personally decided to remain single until I was finished with my completion (glorification). I wanted to take time for me and discover the gifting God placed in me. It was a lot simpler and my hands were more flexible to do what I needed to do for me and my children. Yelp I am a divorce parent of two beautiful daughters. Nope, I didn’t stay in that yucky marriage, but I learned from it so that I would never want to take myself through something like that again. The signs were there in the beginning, but I ignored them so I blame myself, but I also forgive myself. I was young in heart and mind, but fully understood what I was doing at the time, so there are no regrets. I just turned a negative into a positive and allowed God to help me and heal me and so I want take these same issues into a new relationship. Time heals.

God’s grace is sufficient for today, but when you become God’s grace, goodness and grace shall follow you all the days of your life. God bless you all peace.

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