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A Story of How I Was Brought Out of Egypt

Teresa Allen

A Story of How I Was Brought Out of Egypt

I created a special prayer of what I wanted in my own life.  This prayer was a prayer of thanks and giving from the Holy Trinity.  You see when I didn’t know what to pray, the Holy Spirit deep within prayed for me exactly what I needed at that moment.  So this prayer was for me at that time and I am sharing it with you and maybe you can use it for yourself.  Sometimes we don’t know how to say the things we need in life, but the Holy Ghost always knows at all times what we need.  I just decided to document my journey on this long trip, vacation I took with the Holy Trinity. It started in my early 20’s, but what the Holy Trinity did was take it back to before creation and spelled everything out in the opening so no one could ever come and take what is rightfully mine in this earth.  Some spirits are strong in nature and controlling, but all can be defeated when you have the right financial backing that is backing you up and wiping out all the old debt in your life that keeps you in bondage and keep you from living a life of fruitfulness.  The more your fruit hang low off of your tree, your genealogy tree is when more people can walk by and take off of it and push it to the curb, smash it, damage it, and much more.  The main one I had in my life was criticism, not from me but others.  So, what I did and I am doing it today is being quick to hear and slow to speak and I realized by doing that who was for me and who was against me.  The ones that was against me, I politely cut them out of my life by removing them from my check and see program, a program where I place everybody in my life and when one doesn’t fit in my life anymore I remove them from my cycle of life.  I truly love them, but I love myself ten times more than put up with a person, place, or thing that’s not only not good for me, but I outgrown the ways of it and their out comings and  shortcomings.  Loving me first conquered the world and everything in it.

The rainbow was created for a reason so that God will never forget not only His promise, but He will never ever forsake us in our time of need, our time of help.  The thing about that He has to answer when we call because if He didn’t the whole world will be completely destroyed.  So, God takes the little we have and swallow it up and we live by faith and become greatness because we dwell in Him and He dwells in us.  I know it sounds easy, but it’s not.  That’s why I started documented my journey I took with the Holy Trinity so that I could help another in their time of need and showing you it takes a lifetime to get us out the hole the enemy meant for us in the beginning of time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride while we are living here on the plains and enjoy our time in space where we forget about tomorrow and enjoy today.  It’s all about being positive and having a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life in life.

Greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world, so nothing or no one could ever overcome us when we have the greatest in us, we conquer all, one day and one cornerstone at a time until we are finished and ready to be revealed to the world that we are God true living sons and daughters in this world.  The Book of Romans talks about this.  Soon enough Life gives in and gives all God true living sons and daughters a life full of happiness, joy, peace, stability, and much more and it happens quickly and swiftly as a fresh wind blows a new direction that takes to a new direct path that only God true living sons and daughters is on.  A place where no one lives in them but God himself and all those down spirals of bad news, bad decisions, bad circumstances, was only those bad angels in the beginning came here on earth to steal, kill, and destroy us. This time around in my own life I broke it and conquered the old life full of passions that was placed in the earth to make us all fall, including sickness and disease.

Life continues to give and I take it back and receive it because it was mine in the beginning of time of creation.  So now everything I do in my life I am on the receiving end because I am a gift to the world.  I could only be a gift to the world by receiving the Great I Am that dwells within my soul, mind, heart, body, and strength.

The experience and journey has been bittersweet and now it’s time to move to a destination that few take, but it is rewarding.  A life full of gratefulness and thankfulness preceded by and with everlasting income where infinite dwells and there’s no more premature deaths.  Early deaths is where you about to abort God’s plan to early and not realizing it, only to set you back, but this time the devil had no say in the matter and his mouth was screwed so tight that it multiplied and he shriveled up and his offspring died immediately and the ground shook and all the righteous ones that was dead in spirit was created a new heart, mind, soul, strength, and body.  The righteous one’s rose beyond, not beneath and a horn sound off and the flowers bloomed.  The stealers, persecutors and everything in them felled to the ground and was manipulated and tortured for life with burning and gnashing of teeth.  The pilgrims ran fast as they could because these are the ones that said I believe in you, I will help you and soon as you needed them they turned their back on you.

Trouble went away and hid, but couldn’t because the Lord said I do and hell broke loose and ran and ran and ran and was suffocated by the sulfur and never woke up and everything in it died immediately.

So then there was a release into the land and all fellow servants was able to live a life with peace and harmony and destiny showed up and said I will, but he arrived too late because when Jesus Christ showed up and said I do, destiny wasn’t needed any more.  Christ received me and took my hand in marriage and said I promise you I will never leave you or forsaken you and I promise I will take care of you leaving nothing out or withholding anything.

Destiny said okay don’t ask me to come back, you know you will need me.  Christ Jesus said, I don’t need you because I give her a new life, a new destiny without the canker worms, the palmer worms, the caterpillars, and the yoke that always break before time, and anything in you because you are the old destiny that was meant to kill, steal, and destroy.  So destiny went on his way and tried to cross a busy highway with many intersections and was run over with its multitude of followers that dwelled in it.

The story is a story of me foretelling my ending of the old and beginning a new life with Christ Jesus.  This time there’s no more adding to or subtracting from.  My destiny has changed to a new beginning with the old completely surrendered and taking into custody where the master holds the key, the key that wrapped around me from generation, to generation to generation be finally broken, destroyed, and depleted, with no thanks in the giving because they were all takers.  They would never give without asking for something in return.  So they were takers expecting a return instead of giving freely and watch the return would have returned for them with greatness with expectation from the Most High God.

The old generation passed and a new generation was created out of the mouth of Jericho, what, yelp.  Jericho couldn’t withhold goodness and grace, so he vomit up goodness and grace and everything in goodness and grace and started laughing, he didn’t realize that as soon as he vomit, immediately everything in him would die immediately.   Goodness and grace is a live seed, it never dies, that’s the only reason Jericho was still alive because of goodness and grace.

After everything came to surface and out in the openness, the sea had to give up the dead in Christ, oh they fought but lost immediately, the Lord’s strong right hand immediately and swiftly conquered them all leaving out nothing or anything.

Oh, poor sickness and disease tried to come to the battle line, but was defeated as soon as they woke up.  They was blind sighted and thought each other was the enemy and killed themselves among themselves, not one escaped to go tell anything.  All the old wounds, hurts and pains that didn’t heal properly all of sudden, immediately was healed.  It’s like miracle showed up in the afterhours when everybody was sound asleep, except me, when he knocked I said come in.  I already knew who he was because I seen him in my 20’s. He healed my broken heart and removed awful experiences from it that could have caused an early death.

When he came in he immediately made drastic changes inner and outer and took a casting net and he threw it in and he pulled it out and let just say it was a catch that everybody could see, but couldn’t touch.  I was off market.  I wasn’t for sale anymore, so no one could come and say I love you, I want to marry you and fill my head up with lies and tribulation.

When miracle showed up everything in his net was good, lacking nothing or anything.  So everything else died immediately in my surroundings.

When I left from the old to the new, everybody started giving from the North, South, West, and East and it overflowed me and my cup never ran over ever again because I took my cup and I ran it through every decision, circumstance and I said to it, I will never ever live a life full of regret fullness of I should’ve or could’ve, but I will live my best life today and everyday withholding nothing or anything that is good for me.

All the idols and idolatries broke off immediately the water subsided and went to a place of never land.  The ocean, seas, ponds, lake, all water avenues stop wasting my time and effort and my hands was completely set free, where there was no more handcuffs, ropes, chains, and idols.  My foot was set free as well where I could freely go and live my life anywhere I wanted to with no worries of anybody breaking in to steal, kill, and destroy.

All the cycles and generational curses ended and never ever cast another net because they all were defeated at Calvary the same day Jesus Christ said I do, I take you hand and marriage, but you have to travel with me everywhere I go and He said I will fully protect you, guide you, there’s no worry I got this I have being doing this for centuries.

So that journey took me to a place to hell and high waters, but He got me out of it all.  He never left and though I felt forsaken from time to time I always knew I had a helper with me that would always stand with me in the midst of good, bad, and the ugly bringing me out on top, above, not beneath, the head, not the tail.

So after the rightful owner said I do, you know what happened Jezebel came out and said no I want her and believe it or not Jezebel didn’t have a choice but to sit and shit all over herself because adultery gave her a disease that she couldn’t get rid of, she laid there in the streets and all the fellow soldiers came to look at her and tried to rescue her but she was so caught up in adulteress ways, she said just leave me alone as soon as she said that the dead received her, hell that is, she disappeared and the world was once again in the peace.

After that nothing ever came back up from the old.  Jesus defeated with miracle, once they joined hand in hand it was done suddenly and this time they became one and never left each other ever again.

God bless you all, may God give you the beauty for ashes in every area of your life and guide you to a place of deliverance from every situation and persecutions that has occurred in your life.  May you go out into this world and spread the good news in a way that set you free in your mind, heart, soul, spirit, body, and strength.  May God bring to his remembrance that we all need Him and was judged unfairly as if scarcity was our best friend, so we don’t have to go here and there searching, looking, and trying to find the missing pieces in our life?

I tell you the joy of the Lord comes in the morning.  I enjoy storytelling and I hope that joy finds and keep you and bestow upon you greatness in self-love. God bless you all, peace.


© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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