Treasures Within

Teresa Allen

About My Blog

I decided to create a new website so that I could release new work that I created,although I created most of my work a few years ago, I decided to create a bond between my writings and create something brand new. This website is more in depth in my writing and goes deeper and it’s for one’s that wanting a deeper understanding in the Word of God. My testimony is throughout all my writings and actually majority of my work written was based off of trials and tribulations, situations, circumstances, but also from childhood trauma I experienced. It’s worded to protect not only myself, but others. I created short stories, poems, books as an outlet in me letting things out in the open so that it will not dwell inside of me, which in turn could set in and become hatred, meanness, negativity, sadness, etc. This was my way of healing through and in the Most High God.

Removing all things from within provided me a way to share these writings with others that was going through similar things or situations in life. One thing I learned in this process of Life, there’s no shortcuts or an easy quick fix. You have to nurture whatever you want to achieve the destiny within yourself and in this world and that apply to children as well. So when I start looking at myself as a human being that deserves to have the best of the best in my inner world and outer world, I not only had a made up mind, but I took action to get it done. I became my own investment property as I placed my time, energy, and effort to get it done, to be complete and whole in every area of my life. It is all about what you are willing to let go of to receive something brand new. Each day is a milestone in your life taking baby steps or even leaps of faith to get your own life in order and to you have to believe within yourself connecting with your inner being where God dwells so that you can be successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish for yourself. Meaning you have to have the right attitude and truly want to make these necessary changes to be oneness with yourself. Time heals without manipulation, without others coming into your life trying to tell you how to run your life. Everybody opinions isn’t good opinions. Discernment has to play a factor in this role to be not only successful, but so you can cast out the noise of others that is against you.

It’s okay to spend your last dime on yourself to love and take care of your inner being, than to go out and spend a quarter or two on a diamond ring that’s not everlasting, this is me saying treasure yourself as a special jewel, a special treasure not allowing others or even yourself to become a settlement issue or a plan of destruction where you are in a place, thing, or relationship where you know you are settling, you are not happy, not pleased and would rather go live in a cave or even under a rock to get away from it. Isn’t that torture, isn’t that is where a snake goes and hide so no one can find it, but sooner than later the snake comes out in the appropriate season and bite you on your ass and you say what I was blindsided by this person, place, or thing. The truth shall set you free.

When a person is blinded in their sight, vision, ears, life, and senses, hell breaks loose and cover them with debt. This debt can be spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, etc. and it start affecting not just the inner world, but the outer world start crumbling. Debt comes into matter and the matter spits it out and say no thank you that person isn’t good enough for me, so they become jealous, envy, and dislike you only to tell you I love you to get what they want out of you. That’s the circle of life until one day you are totally prepared when that person, place, or thing comes back around and you politely say no thank you I got it, thanks though and that particular situation, circumstance leaves and never return because you overcome it.

I look at my blog not time consuming, but a place where I go whenever I want to create something new for me, but also to help another. The heart wants what the heart wants. My blog is my special project I created with destiny in the beginning to create a space where I can not only share and spread the good news in a positive outlet, but to embrace a love for God’s people, His children in helping to empower and engage on this life journey in this world, but not of this world.

I thank the Lord everyday for allowing me to help even if it is only one I did due justice.

God bless you all and I hope you truly enjoy the resources. More to come.
Teresa Allen

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