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Fulfilling Life Purpose in Almighty God

Fulfilling Life Purpose in Almighty God

A testimony is giving to all
That fulfills their destiny.

Destiny is a product of recognition
That granted to all that believes
Beyond their own power and own circumstances.

Today is a gifting of productivity, a day of
Giving of a lasting place of eternity, serenity.

It’s a place of never bowing to another,
But a place of much giving, much required.

Circumstances come and go, but life works
In a continuously cycle of giving.

The losses of experience from life himself
Is now a place of misfortune of solitude?

Today is a day where today goes
And fulfill purpose, fulfill genuine affection
To the days to come.

We all live in cycles of the earth, of the world
Sometimes these cycles isn’t what we want
Them to be or up to par.

The thing about that is that we learn
And grow and form into a new world,
A new creature, a new life in the most holy.

And glorified in a way that the Most High God
Gives to us to receive all of Him.

Life himself is of gratitude and thankfulness
To always be within a triangle of fulfillment,
Of lasting effect, and of appreciation
To carry home the throne of Almighty God.


Teresa Allen

Original created 04/28/19

© All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the author.

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